FATRO | FATRO Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry


We have been working in Veterinary Medicine since 1947



FATRO was founded in Forlì in 1947 by Gualtiero Zaini (a pharmacist and veterinarian) and his son Corrado Zaini (a chemist) in a small veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory in a building spared by the bombs. Corrado Zaini took the reins of the company even before graduating from University.

FATRO products became ever more appreciated and, in 1963, Dr. Zaini built the first plant of 1,200 m² in Ozzano Emilia (BO).
The company organisation very quickly took on industrial dimensions with research laboratories and different production lines, with sales and after-sales services to veterinarians and breeders.

Since then, great strides have been taken and that small laboratory saved from the bombs in the war was transformed into a Pharmaceutical group which includes various companies all operating exclusively in the veterinary field. Today the Fatro Group is the pride of the Italian veterinary pharmaceutical sector, and remains the only independent, completely Italian-owned, international-scale company in the sector.

The production plants in Ozzano Emilia, Bologna cover an area of 85,000 m² (a further 5,800 m² are currently under construction for the logistics sector). Drugs are developed there for all animal species and vaccines for cattle, swine, sheep, goats, rabbits and fish, while the production of poultry vaccines takes place at the Maclodio plant in Brescia, which today occupies an area of 10,400 m².

FATRO has its own subsidiary companies in Spain, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Uruguay and India and exports to over 90 countries.
The FATRO Group currently employs over 700 people throughout the world and can boast that, over these recent years of crisis, it has not reduced its workforce but has, indeed, expanded it. This is very important for a Group which considers human resources to be an indispensable factor in obtaining excellence in quality, innovation and efficiency.

The FATRO intuitions and production choices inspired by Dr. Zaini have contributed to making a wide range of products available to veterinarians, following the company philosophy which can be summarised in its mission statement: “animal health your health”.
This is a mission which FATRO always insisted should not merely be a form of words but the concrete, everyday operational reality, in response to the preventive-therapeutic needs of both livestock animals and companion animals.