This Cookie Policy is part and parcel of the information policy of FATRO S.p.A., with legal address in Via Emilia 285, 40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO) – Tax ID 01125080372 and VAT No. 01665321202 (hereinafter, “Company” or “FATRO”) available here. This Cookie Policy applies to the following dominion: (hereinafter, the “Site).

1. Definitions, characteristics and application of the norm
Cookies are small text files which the sites visited by a user send and register on his/her computer or mobile device, in order to be transmitted back to the same sites at the time of the next visit. Thanks to cookies, a site remembers the user’s actions and preferences (for instance, login data, selected language, font size, other viewing settings, etc.) so that it will not be necessary to specify them again when the user returns to the site or navigates from one page of that site to another.

Therefore, cookies are used to perform IT authentications, monitor sessions and memorize information concerning your activities when you access a site. They may also contain a unique identification code which keeps track of your navigation within the site for statistical or advertising purposes. Some operations could not be carried out without using cookies, which in certain cases are, therefore, technically necessary to operate the site.
While navigating within a site, a user’s computer may also receive some cookies from sites and web servers different from the ones he/she is visiting (so-called “third-party cookie”).

There are various types of cookies, according to their characteristics and functions, and they may remain in a user’s computer for different periods of time: the so-called “session cookies”, which are automatically deleted once the browser is closed; the so-called “persistent cookies”, which remain in your device for a preset period of time.

On the basis of the norms applicable to the Company, the user’s explicit consent is not always required. In particular, this consent is not required for the “technical cookies”, that is those exclusively used to transmit information within an electronic communication network, or to the minimum extent necessary to provide a service which the user explicitly requires, or for merely statistic purposes in the presence of specific conditions. This includes navigation or session cookies (used to allow users to access) and functional cookies (used to remember the choices made by a user while accessing a site, e.g. the language or products selected to be purchased).

Conversely, as regards “profiling cookies”, that is the cookies aiming to create users’ profiles and used to send them advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by them while navigating the web, normally require the user’s consent in advance.

2. Types of cookies used by the Site
The Site uses the following cookies, which belong to the macro-category of “technical” cookies, for which your consent in advance is not necessary:
- Strictly technical cookies, navigation or session ones, which are strictly necessary to operate the Site or to enable you to reach the required content or services.
- Functional cookies, that is those used to enable specific functions of the Site and a series of selected criteria (for instance, the language) in order to improve the service and enable you to use the requested content and services.
- Analytical and statistical cookies, that is those used to make aggregate statistics and statistics relative to each single site, which are provided anonymously.
- Cookies for third-party function integration, that is those used to integrate the functions on third parties on the site.

The Site also uses some third-party cookies reported below, that is cookies from sites and web servers not belonging to the Company.

- Third-party profiling cookies.
The Site also uses third-party profiling cookies, that is cookies of sites and web servers different from the FATRO one. These cookies are installed after receiving your consent, which you can give by using the functions offered by our cookie banner, and are used to track your navigation (also outside the Site) as explained more in detail in the table below and/or the control panel in your cookie banner. It should be specified that these third parties act as autonomous data processors by means of their cookies; therefore, you will have to refer to their personal data processing policies, information notices and consent forms (selecting and deselecting their respective cookies), listed below:
Google Fonts
Font Awesome
- YouTube

Cookies present on the Site
The cookies sent by FATRO through its Site are listed in point 5, with all the relevant details:

3. Cookie settings
You can block or delete (wholly or partially) technical and functional cookies by means of the specific functions of your Browser. However, we inform you that not authorizing the technical cookies might result in the impossibility to use the Site, view its contents and access the relative services. In addition to this, functional cookies might cause certain services or functions of the Site not to be available or not to function properly, and you might be obliged to modify or enter manually some information or preferences every time you visit the Site.

You can also manage the preferences relative to the profiling cookies served by the Site by means of the functions offered by the cookie banner, which you are shown when you access our Site for the first time and by using the Site functions.

We inform you that, at any time, you can manage your choices relative to the cookies provided by the Site, by means of the functions offered by FATRO: through the cookie banner which appears when you access the Site for the first time or, at subsequent accesses, by means of the button at the bottom left of each page of the Site. This cookie might, however, not work properly under certain circumstances: in such cases, we suggest you to delete unwanted cookies and inhibit their use also by means of the functions of your Browser.
Your cookie preferences will be reset if you use different devices or Browsers to access the Site, since in these cases the cookie banner will appear again.

4. How to view and modify cookies by means of the Browser
You can authorize, block or delete (wholly or partially) cookies by means of specific functions in your Browser. For further information on how to set your cookie preferences through your Browser, please read the relative instructions:
- Internet Explorer
WARNING: by disabling the technical and/or functional cookies, the Site might be impossible to open or certain services or functions on the Site might not be available or not work correctly, and you may be obliged to modify or enter manually some information or preferences every time you visit the Site.

5. Purpose and list of cookies used by the site