The practical application of research

 carries out veterinary, pharmaceutical and biological research in various sectors of the veterinary field:

• Clinical medicine and pharmacotoxicology
• Pharmaceuticals technology
• Immunology
• Chemical synthesis
• Pharmacokinetics and residue determination

FATRO laboratories are GLP classified.
FATRO has its own experimental animal housing facilities (normal and isolated).

In-process and finished products controls are carried out by the Quality Control Laboratories (physicochemical, microbiological, packaging materials) according to GMP norms.


Research and manufacture, safeguarding the environment

Nowadays, no manufacturer in the EU can overlook the safeguarding of the Environment.
For a manufacturer of veterinary drugs and vaccines, there is a double commitment: not to pollute the air or water, either in the process of company research and production or before and after use of the drug by the end user.
FATRO is particularly sensitive to these issues and, in addition to complying with the relative legislation, also adopts its own criteria to further safeguard the Environment.