Respect of the environment

Over the years, FATRO has always had a deep interest in environmental problems, adopting a series of initiatives deriving from its desire to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.
Safeguarding the environment is therefore an integral part of the company philosophy.
For FATRO, minimising air or water pollution during its research and manufacturing activities is an important civil and social responsibility, albeit a difficult and taxing one.

Environmental certification

Fatro S.p.A. has established the following Environmental Policy:

Fatro S.p.A. considers protection of environment to be essential and commits itself to operating in full compliance with the principles of Sustainable Development. With regard to this, it has adopted an internal Environmental Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard. Consequently, Fatro S.p.A. commits itself to compliance with its internal Environmental Management System standards, as regards both the manufacture and marketing of its products.

The following are the fundamental objectives of correct adherence to the Environmental Management System:
- Commitment to protection of the Environment;
- Continual improvement in its own environmental performance;
- Commitment to the optimisation of its own environmental impact;
- Compliance with current regulations and the principal industry standards;
- Notification to all employees, all companies which collaborate with FATRO S.p.A. and all external persons involved, of the company commitment to respect for the principles of Development Sustainable and the fundamental principles which have guided the organisation in developing its own Environmental Management System.

In this perspective, and in line with its activities, FATRO S.p.A. gives assurances that it will:
- Guarantee effective management of natural resources;
- Optimise the consumption of energy resources;
- Sensitise external persons who collaborate with FATRO S.p.A. to the fundamental elements of its Environmental Management System;
- Involve all employees working at the manufacturing site in an active commitment to environmental problems.

Cogeneration plant

FATRO has installed a cogeneration plant at its Ozzano Emilia (Bologna) production plant, which enables the heat energy which is a by-product of electricity production to be used for plant needs.
This system entirely satisfies the energy needs of the plant, significantly reducing emissions of the greenhouse gases produced by the use of fossil fuels during production processes.

Photovoltaic plant

FATRO has installed photovoltaic systems in the roofing of some of its buildings.

Research Farm:
- 95% of the annual energy needs of the site
- An annual saving of 15,7 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere
- A saving of 6,8 tons of petroleum/year

The new logistics Centre: 
- 90% of the annual energy needs of the site
- An annual saving of 87 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere
- A saving of 32 tons of petroleum/year

100% Recycled Paper

The commitment of FATRO group to environmental values can be seen in the “Trees from paper” project, which envisages the use of 100% recycled paper obtained by certified sources for the packaging of its products.

From the manufacture of its products to their marketing, FATRO is in the vanguard as regards rational and responsible use of environmental resources, to achieve a sustainable development of its activities.